Hi everyone. Vin here, and along with my wife, Patti, we are your main contacts from the initial consultation and concept to delivery of your images and beyond.

Patti Distefano and I formed Vin A. Distefano, LLC  in 2014.

Vin A Distefano. Sanford, Florida. Our growing emphasis is on commercial & areial photography for real estate, consruction sites, before and after disaster documentation and home improvement. 

Formerly we were Imagine Photographic, (1995-2014) and we concentrated on corporate AV graphics, Playback Pro and convention, commercial and travel photography.  Working with ad agencies and corporate clients can be fun and stressful but I enjoyed it, as every gig brought a new location and/or new challenge.

We have 30 years experience in all photographic formats, i.e., small, medium, large and digital and have grown to include; photographic retouching and restoration. You can also bring us your treasured images: photos, film and older videotape content and we will produce a professionally edited DVD to cherish and share.