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We are very excited to project a relaunch in the coming months. Revisit us often to see our progress and view new photos, new aerial images and videos.


We've been working behind the scenes updating our photography website and social media. Having received my FAA Remote Pilot Part 107 Certification, we are going to relaunch our commercial photography business to include sUAS (drone) photography and aerial videos.

Based in Sanford, Fl. we have 30+ years commercial photography experience in all photographic formats.

Patti Distefano and I formed Vin A. Distefano LLC in 2014. Formerly, we were Imagine Photographic, (1995-2014). We concentrated on corporate AV events: graphics, Playback Pro video, convention, commercial and travel photography. As Creative Reflections back home in NY (1980-1989) and we provided photography for ad agencies and industrial clients.

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