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Vin A. Distefano created these videos, some with the input from supplied photos and videos, some from original content. We can capture your PowerPoint® and Keynote® presentations to created educational DVD's or take your photos, film, slides, movies, etc and create a special family heirloom to be shared and treasured for many years to come.

Avery Pro Staff

Recorded in Tunica, Mississippi for Avery Pro Staff. This was the opening title sequence of a DVD that included additional video of individual sessions


This opening "must play" sequence was produced for a continuing medical education  DVD series.

ASHNR 2009

Before producing the ASHNR 2009 conference in New Orleans, we recorded this Habitat for Humanity video in which the physicians participated.

Special Activities

This DVD was produced with video and stills supplied by the high school.


Video, voice over and pictures were supplied to us. We turned them all into this promo used by the State of Alabama and Jefferson State Community College.

Family Treasures

Your images can be taken out of the boxes and drawers and we can produce a DVD to share with friends and family.

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